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Vanity Lights Dee Why

Sconces, Overhead and Recessed Vanity Lights Available in Dee Why

It has been said that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, and the correct vanity lights in your bathroom in Dee Why can transform your powder room into a fountain of rejuvenation. Pay attention to areas requiring task lights and ambient lighting to create a spa-like setting. Our variety of unique, functional lighting solutions continually evolve and are on display at our state of the art showroom in Dee Why. The exhibit includes internationally and locally sourced products. We are passionate about lighting and raise the bar with the level of service we deliver.

The Importance of Vanity Lights in Dee Why

The vanity in your bathroom offers storage space and a convenient place for grooming. The biggest mistake we make is not having sufficient light over the vanity and only install sconces. 


  • Grooming: To enable effortless grooming, you require a symmetrical source of light which does not cast shadows over your face. A light directly from the front is not desirable as it is too harsh.

  • Safety: Ensuring safety while shaving is important, you might consider a dimmer switch to set the lights to their brightest for specific activities.

  • Ambience: As with your bedroom, your bathroom can also benefit from ambient lighting. Here layering is ideal for maximising functionality and mood.


Problems Bathroom Lights over a Vanity Addresses

Ensure your vanity lights are placed correctly for a maximum effect. Our luxury vanity lights create the correct amount of light while being aesthetically pleasing and complementing your existing bathroom décor.


  • Shadows: When the vanity light is placed directly over the mirror, it tends to cast shadows on the face. You can address this issue by adding light sources from the sides.

  • Harsh lighting: When planning lights for homes, people often ignore the bathroom and merely install one bright light in the centre of the bathroom. You can remedy this effect by installing a vanity light as well as a dimmer switch on the main light. 

  • Too dark: When too little lighting has been provided in the bathroom, adding a vanity light creates an added source of light. 

Don’t hold back on planning the lighting in your bathroom. Correct lighting in the bathroom is crucial for safety and grooming and a time of rejuvenation or relaxation. 

Why Deco Illumination Is Cost Effective

Buy vanity lights from us. We don’t merely sell lights; our team of professionals will advise you on the correct lights for your home, by taking purpose, ambience and flexibility into account. By offering a high quality service, with a vast range of designer and luxury lights made to order, purchasing your lighting requirements from us is an experience, not just a task. When you buy your lights from Deco Illumination, our installation team of qualified, well-trained electricians, will ensure that your lighting solutions are installed effectively, correctly and stress free.

Switch off the mundane and switch on exceptional lighting solutions. Call us today.

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