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LED Mood Lighting Bedroom Dee Why

Be Creative with LED Mood Lighting for Your Bedroom in Dee Why

Seeing as light can affect your mood or, the ambience of a room, the clever use of LED mood lighting in a bedroom in Dee Why can transform dreary bedrooms into peaceful retreats or sultry boudoirs.

Common Mistakes People Make with Led Mood Lighting in Their Bedroom

There’s no need to restrict your lighting in the bedroom to a simple ceiling pendant. Be adventurous and combine different types of lights to create moods, focal points and areas of rest. The correct lighting can change the atmosphere of a room.


  • Not layering: You may have heard of layering clothes or scents. Similarly, layering your lighting is essential to creating versatile illumination for any mood, task or activity at the flip of a switch. To successfully layer your bedroom lighting, consider general overhead lighting for everyday tasks, add focused lights for tasks such as reading and grooming, and accent lighting to highlight a painting or feature.

  • Incorrect bulbs: The intensity of the light emitted by a bulb affects the mood it sets. The suggested Lumens (how bright the light shines) for a bedroom is between 2 000 and 4 000. Install a dimmer to ensure you have perfect control of the ambience. Also, remember to purchase the correct dimmer when using low voltage LED lights.

  • Incorrect colour: Light colour is essential. Incandescent or halogen bulbs typically shine soft white light; fluorescent lights generally tend to diffuse blue, while LEDs can run the full colour temperature range. Warmer lights are an excellent choice for a bedroom

LED lights convert 95% of their energy into light and only waste 5% as heat. They are 80% more efficient than traditional lights and have a long service life. In various comparisons performed between LED, incandescent and fluorescent lighting, it was found that LED technology is 83% cheaper than incandescent lighting and 32 % less expensive than fluorescent lighting. They typically last longer too, for example, an incandescent bulb might give you 1 000 hours of light, where a fluorescent would last for 10 000 hours, and an LED up to 25 000 hours.

Tips Regarding Mood Bedroom Lighting for Your Home in Dee Why

Now that you understand the basics to consider when selecting a light for your bedroom, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect haven to retreat to at night.


  • Variety of light fittings: An innovative approach to layering includes the use of different types of lights. To focus on a wall mounted painting, install ceiling spotlights about half a metre from the wall, ensuring the light hits the canvas at eye level. Place a floor lamp next to a reading chair and two table lamps on either side of the bed. Use lampshades to give a warm glow. This choice of lighting will draw your eyes around the whole room.

  • Bedside lighting: If your bed light is also a reading light, avoid black or dark grey shades, they may look modern but are ineffective for shining light over your book.

  • Get the mix right: Either use one large light as a focal point with the correct scale for the room or a few smaller lights around the room. Be careful with chrome and glass as they can look cold in the incorrect setting.

About Deco Illumination

Our range of exquisite lighting, imported from around the world and some manufactured locally, are guaranteed to tickle your fancy. We strive to offer you eclectic, luxury luminaire enabling you to create a pleasant ambience throughout your home.

Visit our showroom in Dee Why before you buy bedroom lights elsewhere. Our lighting professionals will ensure your lighting experience is exceptional by assisting you with design, purchases, installation and commissioning. Give us a call today.

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