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Designer Lighting Store Dee Why

Finding a Designer Lighting Store in Dee Why 


Look no further than Deco Illumination to fit your needs for a designer lighting store in Dee Why. Our professional lighting designers will help you create the perfect custom piece for your home. From design to installation, we provide a luxury environment for light purchasing.

Why Use Deco Illumination as your Luxury Lighting Store


Deco Illumination is the only boutique lighting store in Dee Why that transforms shopping into an unforgettable experience.


  • Custom Design: We maintain a staff of professional lighting designers to help you create the custom lighting of your dreams. Made to order pieces allow you to choose your ideal design and not simply pick premade stock out of a box. 

  • Luxury: We stand apart from other designer lighting stores by providing a high-quality shopping experience for our clients. Our showroom holds examples of brands such as LuxR, Brightgreen LED, Hunza and Astro Lighting, which you can browse at your leisure.

  • Easy Installation: In addition to custom designing, we also provide service installation from our vetted quality electricians. Helping you from design to installation allows us to provide the best customer satisfaction rates. We also offer installation of Fibaro, a home automation system that helps turn your abode into a smart home.


Common Mistakes People Make when Shopping at a Custom Lighting Store


It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when there are so many beautiful lights to choose from, so keep a few ideas in mind when shopping.


  • Wrong Size: Choosing a light that is too big or small can throw off the proportions of a good room. A larger space may need a bigger fixture to dominate it, otherwise it will not provide enough light. Meanwhile, a small closet doesn’t need a chandelier when a simple small overhead light will do. 

  • Neglecting Dimmers: On and off used to be the only options but the introduction of light dimmers has allowed the mood of a room to be transformed at will. The same set of lights can now be used for a brightly lit family dinner as easily as a dimly lit romantic meal for two. Installing dimmers increases the utility of a room so you won’t have to purchase excess lamps for softer lighting. 

  • One Light Source: It can be tempting to choose a single elegant piece but places like the kitchen need multiple lights. A single light can cast too dramatic shadows that make it difficult to see. In areas where lighting is essential for safety, it is better to install multiple light sources.


When choosing lighting options, keep the utility of the particular space in mind. It’s important to select something that will age well and illuminate efficiently.


About Deco Illumination


We have been servicing clients for over a year and have quickly developed a rare luxury experience. Our custom lighting store in Dee Why provides quality products coupled with a backbone of customer support so you will never feel alone while installing your new lights. From design to installation, we help assure your satisfaction every step of the way.

To start your custom lighting journey, arrange an appointment at the Deco Illumination showroom in Dee Why today.

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