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Decorative Lighting Shop Dee Why

Brighten Your Home with Deco Illumination’s Decorative Lighting Shop in Dee Why

At Deco Illumination, we are passionate about lighting and are proud to operate our decorative lighting shop in Dee Why. The correct use of decorative lighting can add the perfect accent to a well-designed room or outdoor area, and there is no one better to provide this than experienced lighting professionals at Deco Illumination. We custom design and install our lighting solutions using only the highest quality products.

Benefits of Deco Illumination’s Decorative Lighting Shop 

When you are in the market for decorative lighting, being able to see all the options available and how they illuminate a space is essential. This is why we opened our showroom and staffed it with people skilled in designing and installing lighting systems.

  • Our showroom is a showcase of the best luxury lighting and architectural marvels available in modern day lighting. We have carefully selected and imported the best high-quality lighting solutions to provide to our customers.

  • We are not just a showroom; instead, we offer full-service lighting solutions. This service includes designing a lighting system uniquely tailored to your desires and the needs of your home. We will assist you in the selection of decorative lights and guide you to what would work best in your home.

  • When it comes to installation, we offer professional installation services for the lighting systems and products purchased from us. Allow our fully qualified and trained electricians to make installing your new lighting a stress-free experience.

What Sets Deco Illumination Apart Regarding Lighting Shops in Dee Why

We are far more than just a lighting shop offering design and installation services as well as home automation. The Experience and knowledge of our lighting staff further set us apart by adding the benefit of high quality and informed service. 

  • Due to our passion for providing the best quality modern lighting available, it should come as no surprise that we also share a passion for home automation. Our trained and professional staff is ready to assist in all aspects of home automation from design to installation to connecting systems to your home.

  •  Flexibility can be key to providing the best lighting solution tailored to your home to get the optimal results. Our skilled team understand this and use it as a guiding principle.

  • With our made to order luxury lighting solutions using only the finest, imported lighting, you know you are getting the highest quality service and products available on the market.

Why Trust Deco Illumination Regarding Our Light Shop in Dee Why

At Deco Illuminations, our light shop might be relatively new, but our director, Joshua King, has been providing quality luxury lighting services to the electrical industry for years. We opened our showroom to provide the same quality of products and service to the general public. When you come to us for your decorative lighting needs, you know you are dealing with experienced lighting specialists that will help create dazzling lighting solutions for you.

If you are interested in decorative lighting or any of our other lighting solutions in Dee Why, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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