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Buy Bathroom Lighting Dee Why

How to Buy Bathroom Lighting Dee Why

When you need to buy bathroom lighting in Dee Why turn to us at the Deco Illumination showroom, our custom lighting professionals will help you craft and choose lighting that fits your home aesthetic. With overhead, recessed, and display lights, you have a variety of luxury import and custom lights to choose from for every room in your home.

Tips for Bathroom Lighting

Although not the largest room in your house, the bathroom is where each of us spends a significant amount of time, so it needs to be comfortably lit.

  • Multiple Light Sources: In rooms where you would like to avoid shadows, it is important to have multiple light sources. The bathroom is the main area in most homes, where minimising shadows is essential. Install several light surfaces at several levels to avoid overhead shadows.

  • Dimmers: Walking into a bathroom at night to find the full force of every light bulb against your tired eyes is never comfortable. When you buy bathroom lighting, installing dimmers, or even secondary blue lighting will help you avoid this late night pain.

  • Shower Lighting: You need ample lighting where you bathe, but if all your light fixtures are at the vanity, the light won’t reach far enough for proper illumination. Shower lighting can be recessed or overhanging but needs to be bright enough.

Benefits of Deco Illumination

Don’t choose just any lighting service when we can offer you an immersive experience from design to installation.

  • Luxury: When you come to us, it’s more than shopping, it's an immersive experience; an adventure with our custom designers to find the perfect lighting piece for your bathroom. Our Dee why showroom is filled with samples from companies such as LuxR, Astro Lighting, Brightgreen LED and more. You have time to leisurely view our selection while a staff member is on hand to discuss any questions you may have.

  • Custom Design: Opening a box and finding the same light fixture that thousands of other people have hanging in their homes doesn't leave you feeling special. Creating something specifically for your home adds to the overall aesthetic and feel of your space. When you work with us, we provide you with custom design options to make your home as unique as you are. 

  • Installation: We go beyond ordering products and offer you installation as well. Each of our trained electricians is familiar with our various brand name lighting and how to perform a proper installation. Our installation ensures that you are happy with your choice at home, not just on the sales floor.

About Deco Illuminations

We have been providing luxury custom lighting in Australia for over a year. Our showroom in Dee why is staffed by our lighting design professionals who are ready to help you select or style the perfect fixtures for your home. Speak to any of our representatives to answer questions or concerns you might have about bathroom lighting in Dee why.

Make your bathroom the best lit room in the house. Choose the best bathroom light fixtures in Dee why and contact us today and get started on your renovations.

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